JD & JJ were called as a family to go and serve among a very difficult and challenging unreached people group in North Africa. After prayer and consideration of what God was asking them to participate in, they began the process of being equipped and affirmed to go. Together with other members of The Church at Brook Hills, our faith family was able to commission them to North Africa almost four years ago to begin the work of sharing the gospel and making Christ's name known.

Today, JD and JJ lead our North Africa Church Planting team and for the past few years have been studying language and gaining access into the community of people they wish to serve. Many people have heard the gospel, and God is continuously opening up doors to access this hard-to-reach people group.

Ways to Pray:

  • JD and JJ have a language evaluation coming up. Pray that it will accurately reflect their abilities and show any areas of improvement that needs to happen.
  • Pray for continued health for JD, JJ, and their four children. 



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