Application Materials
Please download before you submit the form.


NOTE: Before filling out the Mid-Term Mission Application please pay close attention to the following details:

• Every individual planning to go on a Mid-Term Mission Trip MUST fill out an application.

• Before you submit the online portion of the application you will need to download the Application Materials pdf attached to the application. This pdf can be filled in digitally and then printed off to sign.

• Make sure that you have your passport information with you when you fill out this application.

• This application will take 45-60 minutes to complete. Once you start the application, it must be fully completed. There is no way to save your work and come back at a later time. We recommend saving your answers to all questions in a word document before submitting in this form. Be prepared to answer the following questions in paragraph form:

(1) What is the gospel? (2) What is your salvation story and when were you baptized? (3) How are you currently growing in your relationship with Christ? (4) What is your current ministry involvement? (5) What type of cross-cultural short-term or mid-term mission experience do you have? (6) How are you currently sharing your faith? What is a recent example of this?


Trip Information

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Personal Information

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Emergency Contact Information

Relationship to The Church at Brook Hills

  • Member Status
  • Are you regularly involved in a Brook Hills Small Group?

Reference Information

Please give a reference for the Global Disciple-Making Team to contact on your behalf.

Travel Insurance Information

The Church at Brook Hills may purchase traveler’s insurance on your behalf if applicable. Please list your beneficiary for this purpose below.

Occupation Information

Passport Information

If you do not have a passport or are applying for a passport, please enter APPLYING in the fields below.

The Gospel & Your Testimony

Please answer the following questions in the space provided in 100 words or less.

  • If single put N/A


Please answer the following questions in 150 words or less.

The information disclosed below will be read and held with confidentiality by members of the Global Disciple-Making Team and your Mid-Term Team Leader. Answering yes to the following questions does not necessarily disqualify you from joining a Mid-Term Team. However, in order to uphold the integrity of the individual, other team members and for the sake of the Church and gospel we ask that you carefully consider the questions below.

  • Excluding minor traffic violations, have you ever been convicted of any violation of any law or ordinance?
  • Have you ever been arrested or criminally convicted for either physical or sexual abuse of a child?
  • Do you have any physical impairment that prevents you from physical work?
  • Have you been under the care of a counselor or licensed mental health professional over the last 12 months?
  • Do you have any medical issues that the Global Disciple- Making Team should be aware of?
  • Are their any particular struggles with sin in the past or present that the Global Disciple- Making Team needs to be made aware of in light of your desire to serve Mid-Term?
  • Do you currently have any debt outstanding?
  • Is there anything about your lifestyle that would bring reproach on yourself, your family, the Church, or Christ?
  • Under the authority of Christ and the Church at Brook Hills do you believe that you are spiritually, physically, and emotionally ready to serve Mid-Term?

Financial Support Information

  • Please Choose one of the following options:

*If you are applying for financial support, a budget form will be emailed to you from the Global Disciple-Making Team.

In submitting this application:

• I am expressing my agreement with The Church at Brook Hills’ Vision, Mission, Goal, Values, and Strategy, Statement of Beliefs, and Community Covenant.

• I am willing to work under the direction of the Global Disciple-Making Team and Field Partners to accept and to perform any and all assignments with a God-honoring attitude.