What is Guys Round Table?

A quarterly gathering of fathers and sons (6th - 12th grade). During this gathering we will eat, do, study, and pray together. The intent of this time is for fathers to teach sons what it means to be Christ-like men.

The 4 Pillars of Guys Round Table - BRPM: Everything we do is built around a 4 pillars framework: biblical, practical, relational, and masculine (BRPM).

1. Biblical

Above all else, we will point students and fathers to God’s Word. We have no illusion that our opinions hold eternal value. Many of the topics we tackle will be colored by each father’s life experience, failures, and successes but the truths of our discussion will come from the Word.

2. Relational

We believe that discipleship happens through relationship. We also believe that God has called parents to serve as primary disciple-makers of their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 11:18-21; Psalm 78:5; Proverbs 1:8-9; Ephesians 6:4). At Guys Round Table (GRT) there will not be an upfront speaker for the majority of our time. Fathers will drive our time together. This will be the case in all we do (ie. changing oil, learning about tools, tying a windsor knot, or leading a table discussion through God’s Word). Our goal is not to preach another sermon but rather to set the stage for fathers and sons to teach/learn from God’s Word and one another.

3. Practical

We understand that what you believe determines what you do. While there are any number of environments in which deep theological discussions are helpful, GRT is intended to create practical moments where fathers and sons can discuss/practice biblical manhood. By nature, families have tons of moments when they teach their sons, but the fact is that some things (even important things) fall through the cracks. We will attempt to highlight some of these important topics. Often its helpful to have a specific time when it is understood that we will be discussing some of the more mundane, yet crucial, realities of being a male Christ-follower.

4. Masculine

We will build things, fix things, learn how things work, and break things apart. GRT is intended to be uniquely masculine. (If we could have a mascot it would be the late/great John Wayne. If GRT had commercial interruptions it would be from ESPN, wings restaurants, and monster truck rallies!) We will teach and learn while putting our hands on actual things. While there will be times we sit and discuss a given topic, our hope is that we might grow, teach, and learn all while doing something manly.

What will we do at Guys Round Table?

  • Eat Together
  • Work/Play Together (build, fix, design, destroy)
  • Study the Word Together
  • Pray Together

What's the purpose of Guys Round Table?

  • Learn practical life skills and biblical truth.
  • Encourage fathers to build Christ-honoring relationships with sons & other fathers.
  • Put fathers & sons in an environment where practical discipleship can thrive.
  • Encourage a faith that acts.
  • Remind young men what it means to be masculine.
  • Strengthen the lines of communication between fathers & sons.
  • Bring fatherless sons alongside fathers in our faith family.