How to Deal With Suffering Workshop

How do we heal from life's hurts? If God loves us, why do we suffer? What happens when someone is grieving?

Whether you're dealing with hurt in your own life or are walking alongside someone who is suffering, this workshop will equip you on how to respond to suffering as a Christ-follower. We'll use stories, discussions, activities, and teaching times to work through five specific lessons from the Trauma Healing Institute's Healing from Life's Wounds curriculum. Each lesson takes about 2 hours to experience, and we will be doing this for Women's Small Group Leaders via Zoom on Sundays, February 7 - March 7, from 4-6pm

Included below are the dates and topics for each week. Groups will be capped at 30 people, and sessions will not be recorded due to confidentiality. To register, please complete the form below.

This 5-week workshop, which will be facilitated by Ashley Chesnut and Dawn Stephens. The Zoom link and handouts will be emailed to group participants the week of the event.

  • February 7 - How can the wounds of our hearts be healed?
  • February 14 - What happens when someone is grieving?
  • February 21 - If God loves us, why do we suffer?
  • February 28 - How do we take our pain to the cross?
  • March 7 - How can we forgive others?
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    Dawn Stephens · 205-313-7791