We invite all our high school seniors to join us for a three-day retreat in the mountains of North Georgia to welcome the new year. We will be making our way to a private lodge in Dahlonega where we will spend some time looking forward to what is coming next in your lives, seeing what God has for you right now in His Word, and making some unforgettable memories. The cost of the trip is $185, and that covers everything but the meals during our drive to and from Georgia. Students are welcome to bring any spending money they would like for our stops, and be sure to pack warm clothes if you want to enjoy the outdoors. Linens are provided, but everyone will still need to bring their personal items. We will meet at the Student Building at 9:00am on Monday, December 31st and return in the afternoon on Wednesday, January 2nd. Register now! Spots are limited. We would love to have you there. 

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    Casey Boss · 205-313-7766