Equipping You To Shape The Spiritual Lives Of Your Grandchildren
A Webinar Specifically for The Church at Brook Hills
Saturday, April 17, 9:00 - 11:30am

*Register here. Workbook is $5 per attendee*

Are you ready to “Grandparent on Purpose?” For some of you, this seminar will affirm the good things you are already doing with your grandkids. For others, it will shake your world and give you a brand new perspective on what it means to be an intentional Christian grandparent. Whether you are on one end of that spectrum or the other – or in the middle somewhere – you are going to be deeply impacted by the few hours of time you choose to invest.

Our desire is that you go away with new inspiration, encouragement, and tools to help you realize your potential to grandparent successfully. You will unlearn some things, and relearn others. Your passion for your grandkids will be kindled even higher, and you’ll go away changed. More importantly, those precious grandchildren of yours will benefit, and they will never be the same because you have listened, learned, and grown in Biblical wisdom.

Jon Ness, Presenter

Jon Ness recently retired from a successful career with Principal Financial Group.  He played college basketball for Iowa State and brings great enthusiasm when speaking to groups.  He leads and teaches in many ways at Valley Church in West Des Moines. 

Jon’s passion for the Lord and his family has always been the greatest priority of life for he and his wife Amy.  They have three grown children and nine grandchildren who all live close by.  Their desire to live as intentional Christian grandparents has been shaped by the message of Legacy Coalition and Grandparenting Matters.  Jon is passionate about helping grandparents understand our Biblical role and the importance of passing on our faith.

Work book is $5
Depending on the pandemic situation, we hope to be able to offer a watch-together option on campus.

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