Jesus gave His followers the great task of making and multiplying disciples until His return, but how many Christians are actually doing that?

Join us on April 7 from 1-6pm as we rediscover our role in God's plan to reconcile the world to Himself. We'll learn how to practically and personally engage lost friends, family members, neighbors, and strangers with the gospel, and we'll spend time in the local harvest practicing what we learned together.


  • Initiate spiritual conversations
  • Share a brief, compelling testimony
  • Explain the gospel clearly and relevantly
  • Facilitate a discovery Bible Study with "seekers"
  • Begin discipling new believers
  • Train and mobilize existing believers

Register by April 5. Complete the Pre-Training homework and bring with you on April 7.


Please complete the following three assignments and bring them with you to the Gospel Conversations Training.

  1. 15-Second Testimony
    Watch THIS VIDEO on how to develop your 15-second testimony.  Be prepared to share your 15-second testimony aloud during the training.
  2. Relationship Mapping (Oikos Mapping)
    Watch THIS VIDEO on how to create your own relationship map and bring it with you to the training.
  3. Luke 10 House of Peace
    Watch THIS VIDEO and read Luke 10:1-9, noting what Jesus told His disciples to do and what He told them not to do when He sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom.


  • Start Date

  • Contact Person

    Hanna Taylor · 205-313-7701

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