This year the Global Team is hosting the Global Dispatch series, a series of three gatherings designed for you to hear back from our people and partners on the field.  These gatherings will give those we’ve sent the opportunity to share about what God is accomplishing in their work overseas and also give us an opportunity to get to know them and how we can support them better.


Our first Global Dispatch was incredible as we heard from Jenny on our East Asia team and were encouraged as she shared on what it is really like to live and work as a professional overseas.  JD and JJ from our Brook Hills North Africa Church Planting Team shared with us during our second Dispatch about how God is using camels to bring people to himself.  


In our third and final Global Dispatch for 2019, we will hear from Chris & Leah, from our East Asia team. Come and hear about how God is working and what opportunities lie ahead for them in the future. 



November 20, 2019


In the Main Worship Room

*Regular Wednesday Night Childcare available

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