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All Brook Hills members, please make plans to join us for our next Faith Family Gathering, Sunday, January 24, at 5:30pm. 

This gathering will be different from any others in the life of our church. It’s not a business meeting. It’s not a prayer gathering or a worship service. Though, it will have elements of all of those. We’ll pray and sing together; welcome new members; share some important updates about the life of our church; and renew our promises to one another as a faith family.

During this gathering we will also be celebrating the Lord's Supper together. For everyone on campus, we will have the elements individually packaged available for pick-up as you enter. For anyone joining us by livestream, please plan to stop by the church offices on the second floor this week beginning Tuesday, January 19, to pick-up your elements in preparation for Sunday evening. They will also be available at the Welcome Center during our Wednesday night ministries. If you are unable to join us on campus and cannot pick up your own elements, please contact us and let us know early this week, and we will arrange to get them to you. 

We will hold this gathering on-campus in the Worship Center and will utilize our Save-A-Seat system for all those attending in-person. You will be able to save your seat beginning Monday, January 18, at 1:00pm at We will also offer a livestream of this gathering here on this page and on our YouTube channel.

Childcare Reservations

We have several preschool classes available, but capacity is limited. A reservation is required for each preschooler attending. If you have more than one preschooler, you will need to reserve a space for each of them in their individual classes. Reservations are available using the button below until Friday, January 22 at 5:00pm.

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