God's Word

We all have a story to tell. Our lives are composed of many stories that communicate our past, present, and future. We learn about one another by sharing these stories. As deeper relationships develop we want to learn all that we can about the story of the one who means so much to us. God has a story too and it’s found in the Bible. This is how God reveals Himself to us. God has given us His story so that we can understand Him and know Him. If we want to know God, we will plunge ourselves into His story. If we want our children to know God fully and intimately, we will lead and walk with them as they engage in his Word.

As your children begin this transition from preschool to first grade, we understand that this change marks a time of “growing up” with more physical and spiritual independence. We are excited to celebrate this milestone with you. It is our desire to support you in your role as parents, equipping you with the tools you need to foster a nurturing and Christ-centered environment at home.

To celebrate this Milestone we invite you to participate in our Bible Presentation for Rising 1st Graders.

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    Robin Cheatham · 205-313-7739

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