[caption id="attachment_1272" align="alignleft" width="300"] Because JS and KJ couldn't see everyone via Skype, we took a few pics of the ladies at the gathering to send to them.[/caption]

This past Thursday, we had our fall women's gathering, and JJ from our African church-planting team shared about how God led her and her family to work among the Arundo in the Horn of Africa. JS and KJ, the two other girls on this team, woke up at 4am their time to join us via Skype and to share about their calling as well as some stories about how God is working among their people group.

[caption id="attachment_1275" align="alignright" width="150"] Horn of Africa[/caption]

Our church commissioned JD and JJ three years ago, and this is their first visit home since moving to the Horn of Africa. They'll head back to rejoin their team after the first of the year. The Arundo include 10 million people in North Africa and are almost entirely Muslim, although some hold to a mix of Islamic and animistic beliefs. They live by planting crops or tending herds of animals such as camels, goats, or sheep, and the people are divided into clans and sub-clans and are among the top five unreached people groups in the world. About half of the population relies on outside aid for survival, and the Arundo struggle for food and access to clean water and have great need for medical care and veterinary services for their herds.

At the gathering, our ladies also got the opportunity to pray for our African church-planting team, and below are some specific prayer requests regarding JD and JJ, JS and KJ, and the Arundo people.

[caption id="attachment_1276" align="alignleft" width="224"] During the gathering, our ladies got the opportunity to lay hands and pray for JJ.[/caption]

One specific women's project that JS and KJ are attempting to get approved involves making and distributing feminine products to the Arundo women. At this point, Arundo girls miss a week of school each week because of a lack of access to products, which disrupts their life and their ability to learn, especially since female mutilation is also prevalent with these women. Pray for access to the supplies needed to make these reusable supplies in country (think bikini bottoms with an insert that can be removed and washed) and for the government to approve this project. This project would provide for a basic physical need, allow the church-planting team access to more of the Arundo people, and be a way that the women on this team could build relationships with the Arundo women and their families.

Prayer Requests for JD and JJ

  • JD and JJ are entering a season of special moments with family but also sad days, mourning the times when we will not be here during those special moments. They are entering a time of many goodbyes as they look at heading back overseas soon.

  • Pray that JJ's health issues will clear up so that they can receive medical clearance soon to return to the field.

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as they move forward in their adoption process. Pray that they will rest and wait on the Lord each step of the way.

  • Pray for IS and MJ (JD and JJ’s children, 4 and almost 2 years old) with many upcoming transitions. Pray for grace and understanding as once again many things around them are changing. Pray that they feel stable and cared for in these days.

  • Pray that they will not be anxious about tomorrow but will trust in the Father's perfect timing and care.

Prayer Requests for JS and KJ

  • Pray for JS and KJ in these days as the enemy's attacks are strong. Praise the Father that they have had amazing time in the community and been able to share lots of truth. As we see the Spirit opening doors, the enemy is working to keep our team down.

  • Pray that they will joyfully surrender their wills to the Father and daily die to themselves.

  • Pray that they will rest and abide in His Word and that they will remain disciplined to meditate on truth and hide it in their hearts so that they do not believe lies of the enemy.

  • Pray that they will have joy in all circumstances and fight against the enemy's tactics to discourage them.

  • Pray that they will be intentional each day to listen to the Holy Spirit, seek the Father's guidance, and walk in wisdom and discernment in all their interactions with their people.

  • Pray that they will cast their burdens on the Father daily (i.e., the heaviness of the work, the seeming lack of response of the people, and anxiety about the future).

  • Pray for endurance to press on.

Prayer Requests for the Arundo People

  • There is a recurring theme of people telling the team how much they fear death and have no assurance. Pray that they will see that Jesus Christ is the only answer to their fear and hope in life after death.

  • Some of the people have been questioned concerning their relationships to the team. Pray that the Father would protect their lives and the team’s access to them and not allow them to be persecuted because of the team.

  • Pray specifically for Sherri and Alan. The team has shared truth with both of them, and they have been willing to listen. She is expecting their first child. Pray that as a family they would seek the Father and that they would come to know the Son.

  • Pray that the Father would reveal Himself to the Arundo people in dreams and visions.

  • Sandy is reading the Book with us daily. Pray that the Father's words would penetrate her heart and that the Holy Spirit would open her eyes to truth.

  • Pray that the team will gain greater access to the Arundo in the months to come.