2015 generated two exciting blog series on the BH Women blog: Sex & the Christian Woman and Calling and Contentment, and throughout the year, we continued to feature testimonies and mission trip highlights from the women in this church. The list below sums up the year with our ten most popular blog posts.

Also, we are excited to announce that 2016 will begin with a new blog series entitled Deeper with Discipline as we discuss various spiritual disciplines, what they are, and ways that women in this faith family practice them. So continue with us as we start the New Year on the BH Women blog!

  1. "Discovering Healthy Sexuality"
  2. "Q&A with the Brook Hills Worship Team"
  3. "The Gospel and Nepal"
  4. "Are You Frating?"
  5. "Sex and the Christian Woman (Part 1)"
  6. "#TradeYourShades"
  7. "Full or Joyful?"
  8. "Pray for Nepal" 
  9. "Is BDSM Biblical?"
  10. "The Good Hand of God"