Today's post was written by Elizabeth Mayfield, a second grade teacher who enjoys loving on children, reading, and spending time with international students. After spending four years teaching and serving in East Asia, you might find Elizabeth walking up to total Chinese strangers hoping they will want to talk to a heart that misses their country. Elizabeth ventured to New York with her small group on a short-term trip in June and is so excited about what God is doing among the nations there!

Can I tell you a quick story? It involves a needed and encouraging reminder of why my feet continue to walk this earth, and a picture that God needed to capture this heart with once again.

Last month, eight small town girls who are about to head to the Big City, ventured into Railroad Park for a time of prayer walking in our city. We knew that some of our time in NYC would encompass prayer walking in specific areas and beginning intentional conversations with those around us, so we wanted to prepare and see what that might look like. And let me just say, the nerves of what that afternoon was going to look like were evident among all of us. I mean, starting a conversation with a random stranger about God and prayer? Where do you begin? What kind of awkwardness will abound? You begin with a stranger who leaves you completely encouraged by her own faith. And you walk away from one minute of awkwardness with a lifetime of joy that not even Satan can touch.

I walked away renewed and refreshed. Not because we had "practiced" for our trip, but because we had engaged our own people, our own city, with Hope and Truth. I so want to do this more. With the Publix store clerk. With my neighbor next door who is about to move away. And with those little, yet big, divine appointments that God gives me everyday. Because He is already at work in the lives of those around us, and we get the privilege and honor of stepping into that to be a piece of the greater story.

One of the families we walked up to had three small girls and a dog (this is really why we walked up to them...I can never pass up a puppy). Autumn, their little seven year old, was very intrigued by her newest friends. "What's your name?" was the first question that came from her smiling face. So we introduced ourselves, and as we began talking, she tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Do you know what 100+100 is?" Um, of course I don't because my brain is completely checked out of school now. I reverted the question: "Do you know what 100+100 is?" "200!" she exclaimed. Oh, I was already in love with this personality. As we continued to talk with her family, her very last comment had the most impact on this heart. She quietly tapped me on the arm, got a little closer, and said, "Let me see your eyes." My sunglasses immediately came off, and I knew her question would penetrate deeper than she or I realized.

Let me see your eyes. I want people to be able to look into my eyes and see a reflection of, not myself, but Christ. I want the scales to come off of the eyes of unbelievers so that they may see Truth. And I want to really look into the eyes of others and meet them in their hurt, sorrow, and pain. That's what I am called to do.

So as you look over our prayer calendar, pray also for our hearts to truly see the eyes of those around us, and reflect the love of our Savior.