Today's post was written by Brook Hills member, Jessica Collins.

Last May, I wrote this prayer in my journal, “I want a REAL relationship with you O, Lord.”

I was blessed to have been raised in a Christian home and taught biblical values from an early age. However, I first heard of having a personal relationship with Christ at FCA camp and started then trying to form that relationship. Looking back, I realized how much I didn’t know!

I went to God when I needed Him, lived a moral life, and basically sought my own glory through gross self-righteousness. Most would say I always seemed very put together, but underneath I was suffocating under a burden of guilt, shame, and sin. Every time I sought after God, I was deeply convicted over my sins against this perfect and holy God, but rather than turning TO Him, I ran FROM Him because I was afraid.

Only through His sovereign timing did God graciously remove the scales from my eyes and reveal the truth about His Son. Knowing that Jesus suffered and died on the cross in MY place tearing down this wall of sin that separated me eternally from God brings tears to my eyes but a peace to my heart.

By His grace alone, I can now say I live freely in Christ and Christ in me knowing by faith in His word I can conquer Satan and never live burdened again.