Before we sang Man Of Sorrows on Sunday, I talked about how that song came from Isaiah 52 and 53. The first two verses of that song allude so beautifully to the Isaiah passage...
Man of sorrows Lamb of God 
By His own betrayed 
The sin of man and wrath of God 
Has been on Jesus laid

Silent as He stood accused 
Beaten mocked and scorned 
Bowing to the Father's will 
He took a crown of thorns

I then asked...Have you ever wondered why Jesus was called a Man of Sorrows, and why Jesus was silent when He was accused?

He wasn’t a Man of Sorrows because He just had a mopey personality. If you asked Jesus "How did you sleep last night?", He wouldn't say, (insert mopey voice) "Well, not that great...and I haven't had my coffee yet this morning." No way! That's not it at all!

The Bible tell us that Jesus was a Man of Sorrows because He was taking our sorrows! Jesus was bearing all the grief from our life of sin. And He took them all, bearing them on the cross.

Consider why He was silent before His accusers. Jesus certainly could have vindicated Himself before His accusers. The gospels show us how inconsistent and wrong those accusations were. Jesus was silent because He was taking up our silence, in our place.

Imagine if you or I were on trial before God, and He began to read all the sinful things you have done or thought. Things all of us could see, and even the things that we couldn't see. And as He keeps reading, what begins to happen? Your head droops lower and lower. Why? Because you know it's all true. There's no answer. You have nothing to say back.

Friends, this is why Jesus stayed silent. He was acting as if He was our place. What we deserved was to stay silent before our accusers. Jesus didn't open His mouth because we couldn't open up our mouths.

Oh friends, this is why the bridge of this song should be an explosion of joy in our hearts. We sang out these marvelous words - Now my debt is paid, it is paid in full by the precious blood of Jesus.


Daniel Renstrom has served as our Worship Pastor since 2016. He is married to Danielle Renstrom and they have 3 girls, Bennett, Eden and Mercy.