We had the joy of singing a hymn together on Sunday that has strengthened an sustained worshipers for almost 200 years. Holy Holy Holy is such recognizable hymn, yet there is a picture of God in this hymn that is easy to pass by. This hope-giving truth is that our triune God is both merciful and mighty. If you think about the mightiest people in the world, how often are they also merciful? So often the mighty use their power and influence to trample over the weak. They use their might to secure their own success, and not to show mercy. On the other hand, we also know merciful people who don’t really have the power to make a change. They have limited resources, so the impact of their mercy isn't substantial or wide-spread. This reality only makes us worship God even more! Our God is both merciful and mighty. He is powerful and He is kind. Isn’t the cross such a wonderful display of this truth? Jesus was merciful enough to go to the cross, to die in the place of sinners. But He’s also powerful enough to get up from the grave three days later, securing our salvation!