On Sunday, after we sang "Bless the Lord (Son of Man)", Pastor Daniel led us to remember Psalm 103 and Isaiah 53.


“One of the phrases that I love from Psalm 103 is this:


“My soul, bless the Lord,
and do not forget all his benefits.”

Psalm 103:2


One of the ways we bless the Lord is by remembering his benefits. We suffocate suspicious thoughts about God when we remember his benefits. We don’t even give them air to breathe when we’re filled up with thankfulness. 


Look at these words from Isaiah 53.


“But he was pierced because of our rebellion, 

crushed because of our iniquities; 

punishment for our peace was on him, 

and we are healed by his wounds.”

Isaiah 53:5


Listen to the benefit of Christ substituting himself in your place. It was your rebellion, not His. It was your iniquities, not His. It was punishment for your sins that came on him. What you deserved, he took.


But friends, look at what you get instead of punishment. You get peace with God! This position of peace means that he’s not hostile towards you anymore. And even more than that, you get the presence of peace. God is near you FOREVER.


But look there’s more - He’s going to heal you! Couldn’t God have just taken care of your guilty verdict and left it there? You are free to go. You don’t have to pay for those sins. He could’ve just done that, but he’s done so much more. Friends, he heals you. He’s changing you from someone who used to love sin and hide from God into someone who hates sin and walks with the Father.” 


This week when you are tempted to be suspicious of God, remember the words of Psalm 103 and remember what He has done for you, how He has given you the gift of salvation and how He is by his persistent grace, transforming you into Christ-likeness. 


Audrie Appel has served as our Worship Ministry Associate since 2013. She is married to Josh and they have a daughter named Eleanor.