Brook Hills Student Band Camp is an event that I have had the opportunity of leading the past two years, and it is an absolute blast. Band Camp is a time to gather our whole Student Worship Team (band, tech, and vocals) together and prepare for the year to come. Each summer, we try to learn four new songs that will be introduced over the course of the next semester. Our days start with a time of gathered worship which is led by a different student each day.

Next, we go into instrument workshops. Each student goes to their specific instrument workshop and learns the song for that day. The workshops are led by volunteers that serve in our main worship gatherings. 

After spending an hour or so on their individual craft, we take time to learn about different aspects of our theology and philosophy of worship and ministry. This year, we talked about character-led by Mark Sly, culture-led by Daniel Renstrom and Audrie Appel and competency-led by me. The ultimate objective during this time was to explore how we go about exalting the name of Jesus and encourage the singing of the saints during our worship gatherings. However, things got interesting on the final day when we decided to switch things up and have a song writing contest. The students split up into teams and had 45 minutes to write a song...this was the winner!

Personally, I thought the nose comment was a little too far, but other than that, I give this one a solid C-.

To finish each day, we got all the different bands on stage and played through the song that we had been working throughout that afternoon. 

It was an awesome week with our Student Band. Our hope for this year is to do an amazing job serving our student ministry in our worship gatherings each Wednesday night and Sunday morning.