Today's post was written by BH member, Morgan Cheek, who is one of the authors featured in our upcoming BH Women Authors' Night. Come hear Morgan share more about her story and her book at the BH Women Authors' Night on Thursday, November 10, at 7pm in the Student Building.

Can suffering be seen as joyful?

How can we believe that God has good plans for each of us when brokenness and trials abound?

Is there a God who truly and intimately knows the details of all that we walk through- even to the point of being in control of it all?

Our daughters, Bailey Grace and Ally, were born on April 24, 2013. The first couple months of our life with the girls was no different than most anyone with multiples. The months that followed began a journey, a God-ordained one at that, in which my husband and I had to face the questions above head-on.

We could not put on a happy face and force out the cliché Sunday School answers. When a doctor looks you in the eye and tells you that there is a good chance your two only children have a fatal disease, suddenly the “right answer” becomes irrelevant. At that point, I thought we had two choices: to shake our fists at the sky and ask, "Why?" or to praise Him. It was only through walking down this unknown, rare position we had been placed in that I realized there was a third option: to not only embrace what He had sent, but to see it as His best plan for our lives. It is one thing to express this with words or implement it as head knowledge; it is a whole new thing altogether to believe it in the core of who you are.  

On Milk and Honey: How God’s Goodness Shows Up in Unexpected Places is the story of the first eighteen months of Ally and Bailey Grace’s lives. Beyond being a tale of our little family, it is a call for you, as the reader, to ask yourself the same questions we are walking through. 

Can we see God in the midst of all the suffering and brokenness this world holds?

Does He really have good plans for you in the midst of the trials and struggles you face?

Does He know- really know- you? Does He care about all the details of your life?

I believe the way we choose to answer these questions can define the very nature of our faith and the way we view our God. Through reading On Milk and Honey, my prayer is that every reader would discover how God’s love can be found in the most unexpected places, even in times of great suffering, and how letting go and trusting in His sovereign plans, most especially when they are different than we would anticipate, can be the key to experiencing true joy.