On Friday night, over 50,000 people from 56 countries gathered in homes, dorm rooms, and churches to learn what Scripture teaches regarding Heaven, Hell, and the end of the world. If you were unable to attend/listen to a simulcast, visit this site to watch/listen to the teaching as well as to download the study guide or locate the answers to those blanks you missed Friday night!

What was something that you learned through Secret Church? What was something that challenged you? What was a highlight from the evening (or early Saturday morning)? What are questions you still have? What are parts that you want to go back and study? Even today, a few of the ladies on staff gathered at lunch, and one of them shared how refreshing it was to hear what the Bible teaches about Heaven and how it's not going to be an eternally-long choir rehearsal! Comment and let us know your thoughts!

During every Secret Church, we highlight a particular people group or area of the world where believers are persecuted for the gospel, and we pray for the advancement of the gospel among that people group and for the faithfulness of believers to share the gospel in these places. This year, our prayer emphasis is the Hui people. The Hui are Chinese Muslims, and there are over 13 million people scattered throughout China with few believers engaging them with the gospel. Millions of Hui are literally being born, living, and dying without ever hearing the gospel. To learn more about the Hui, visit this site. We are also devoting the month of April to specifically pray for the Hui, and you can download this prayer guide that you, your family, or your small group can use to pray daily for the Hui.