Today's post was written by Aubrey Johnston, the Adult Small Groups Assistant at Brook Hills, and this post marks the beginning of our summer blog series on the Generations at Brook Hills.

I am 21, a.k.a. a millennial, and to be honest, I dread individuals only knowing me by my age and not my heart. We don't usually enjoy being described by our age or life season: senior adults, high schoolers, stay-at-home moms, empty nesters, working moms, over the hill, preteens, etc. But there is something so beautiful about where we are in life that can benefit the church as a whole when we understand our importance.

Ruth and Naomi were women in different life stages who were going through similar yet different challenges who were from different cultures, and yet who were following the same God and honoring each other because of their love for the other. The book of Ruth allows us to see into the life of these two women from 1000 BC who were walking together as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, two women going through different life stages yet struggling with the same challenges. We see a mutually beneficial relationship where Ruth honors Naomi and where Naomi teaches Ruth.

At Brook Hills, we have all ages of women: precious newborn girls all the way to beautiful and wise grandmothers. In this we are blessed, for a mix of generations and life stages create a diverse and interconnected congregation encouraging each member to glean from other generations. We are able to carry out a Ruth and Naomi-like relationship when we engage with women in different life stages. We are able to gain more Jesus and give more love.

For the next two months, women from each life stage at Brook Hills will be featured on the BH Women Blog. Our hope is to see the beauty in reading these women's stories and to reap the benefits of God teaching us through them!

Read along each week as we highlight a woman at Brook Hills and hear about her heart for the Lord. I hope you are able to read and relate to each of their beautiful hearts and vulnerable words. God is working in and among the women of Brook Hills, and He is stirring our hearts to work towards loving each other as Christ loves the church.