Each year The Church at Brook Hills sends individuals and families called Mid-Termers to serve in different parts of the world. Mid-Termers are those who serve anywhere from 2 months - 2 years. It is a key element to the Global strategy at The Church at Brook Hills. These individuals and families serve with strategic partners to strengthen the Long-Term Disciple-Making efforts of the church around the world. Below are a few of those we are sending out this summer. Join us as we pray for them this week.

Jordan M. - Jordan grew up in Birmingham Alabama and has been a member of The Church at Brook Hills his whole life. He and his family have been a vital part of this faith family since the beginning. Jordan will graduate this month from Mississippi College with a degree in journalism and will leave at the beginning of June to serve a year in Haiti. Jordan has served at the New Life Children’s Home in Port-Au-Prince for a week at a time for the past few years. But an opportunity to serve for longer came about this past year. Jordan will be living and serving at the Children’s Home taking care of the everyday needs of the children and the staff.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for Jordan to be fully content in Christ. Pray for God to sustain him in times of hardship.

- Pray for God to open up windows of opportunities for Jordan to share the gospel while he serves the people he is ministering to.

- Pray for boldness. Pray for Jordan to have the boldness to share the Gospel no matter the circumstance.


Rachel B.- Rachel grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and is currently a student at Birmingham- Southern College. She and her family have been members at The Church at Brook Hills since 2008. Last year Rachel had an opportunity to serve for a week in East Asia. After returning home she began to think about what it would look like to spend longer periods of time serving in East Asia. After praying and walking through the process, Rachel found out about an opportunity to serve alongside a Brook Hills field partner hosting short-term teams this summer. Though this process has not been easy, God has faithfully calmed any fears Rachel has and she feels resolute and at peace to pursue what God has set for her this summer.

Ways to Pray

- Pray that Rachel would fix her eyes on Christ and experience fellowship with Him even in the midst of insecurity and fear.

- Pray for God to use Rachel to serve the field partner and those she has the opportunity to interact with.

- Pray for the hearts of those Rachel will come in contact with. Pray the Holy Spirit will even now begin to soften their hearts toward Him.



Laurie M. - Laurie grew up in Kentucky and attended college in Birmingham. She currently works at UAB in the athletics department and has been a member for the past year at The Church at Brook Hills. She heard about a mid-term opportunity in South East Asia through the Church at Brook Hills and began to pray about going. After speaking to her twin sister and praying with others, God made it clear that He was leading her to serve in this way. The unique thing is that God made it clear to her sister to go this way as well. So they will be serving together, using sports as a means to engage university students with the gospel and to disciple those who have become Christ-followers. When asked what she is most excited about Laurie said, “I am looking forward to combining my love for sports and my passion for working with college students to see how God will use me to connect with the unreached people group we will be serving”. Laurie will serve for 6 months in South East Asia.

Ways to Pray

- Pray that God provides ways for Laurie to connect and build relationships with college students.

- Pray for boldness to share the gospel.

- Pray for unity between Laurie and the other workers she will be serving with.



Whitney M. - Whitney M. grew up in Kentucky and moved to Birmingham a few years ago. Currently she is a postgraduate intern for the Athletic department and serves as an academic advisor for student-athletes. She has been a faithful member at The Church at Brook Hills for the past few months. A year ago Whitney read the book “Radical” and the Lord began to open her heart up to opportunities of serving overseas. Whitney had previously served with a few ministries doing projects stateside but had never felt a desire to go overseas. Through prayer and seeking out opportunities, the Lord led her to South East Asia. The beauty is her twin sister was in the same process and they will be serving together. There they will be engaging university students through sports and praying for opportunities to share the gospel. God has provided in every way for Whitney and her sister to go to South East Asia and continues to affirm their obedience to go.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for Whitney to build relationships quickly with college students.

- Pray for Whitney to be bold in sharing the gospel with others.

- Pray that the Lord will comfort Whitney’s family while she and her sister are gone.


Rachel N. - Rachel was born and raised in Texas and moved to Birmingham a few years ago. She just completed her Masters in Elementary Education and has been teaching at a local school. Rachel has been a member at The Church at Brook Hills since 2007 and previously served on staff as part of the Local Disciple-Making team. Last year Rachel was approached by the Brook Hills Church Planters to the Middle East to come and join their team. Currently this family is studying language and will need someone to help teach and care for their children on a regular basis. Rachel knew this family well and saw this an a great opportunity to use her education and giftings to serve this family. The process has not been easy. If you ask her, Rachel never wanted to go to the Middle East. She knows Spanish and has invested in the Latino culture, not in the Arabic culture. There have been things that make it difficult to leave her family behind. But through it all God has shown her that she can trust His plan for her life and this is it. Rachel will leave in June and serve for a year in the Middle East. She is most looking forward to serving as part of the team who will be instrumental in sharing the gospel and establishing the church where it currently does not exist.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for obedience. Pray for Rachel to walk in step with the Lord in prayer and study of the Word. Pray for Rachel to continually be grounded in truth regardless of circumstances.

- Pray for unity. Pray for the Church Planting team to be unified through the cross.

- Pray for favor with new friends. Pray for God to prepare the hearts now for what He has for Rachel in country. Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak clearly through Rachel in conversations.



Taylor and Julia J. - Taylor and Julia grew up in small towns outside of Birmingham. They both graduated from UAB in December. Taylor is currently working in construction/development and Julia is a nanny for a local family. Together they have been members for almost three years at the Church at Brook Hills. Taylor and Julia have always wanted to serve in an overseas context and started seriously considering the idea of going Mid-Term after a Short-Term trip they took last December. They have a desire to see God glorified among all peoples and so they are taking the opportunity to serve among an unreached people group in East Asia this year. While they are in East Asia they will be taking classes at a local college and learning language. Their desire is to build friendships with their classmates and help fuel gospel conversations among those who have never heard.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for Taylor and Julia’s relationship with the Lord and with each other. Pray that they will be diligent to study the word, pray, and invest in their marriage.

- Pray for Taylor and Julia to learn the language quickly so they can have the ability to have meaningful conversations with their friends.

- Pray for opportunities to build relationships with students and the team they will be supporting. Pray that God is glorified through these relationships.