ANIA Z. grew up in Pennsylvania and has been a member at the Church at Brook Hills since 2012. Ania started thinking about going Mid-Term after she was presented with an opportunity to join her friend Sarah R. serving among an unreached people group in West Africa. Ania felt like the Lord was pulling everything together and making the path obvious for her to go. So she and her friend Sarah R. will leave at the beginning of August to teach English and sports to youth and children in West Africa. Ania is excited for the opportunity to get to know the African culture and engage a people who have never heard the good news of Christ. Bottom line is Ania is going because this is where the Lord is leading her and she considers this an amazing opportunity to serve Him fully.

Ania enjoys junk food, trees, fall weather, and anything sci-fi.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for God to help Ania in her language studies so she can pick up the language and be able to communicate effectively.

- Pray for Ania to quickly adapt to the culture and to the harsh climate of West Africa.

- Pray for God to provide for Ania as she builds relationships with locals and engages them with the gospel.


KARINA C. grew up in Alabama and currently serves as a caregiver and is working on her TESL Certification. She has been a member at The Church at Brook Hills since 2009. Karina is very involved in a small group and has been deeply encouraged by their accountability and prayer for one another. In 2008 Karina had the opportunity to serve in Thailand and since then has longed to go back for an extended period of time. The Lord delayed Karina over the past few years and has called her to serve in different areas in the world for short periods of time. But in January of this year, Karina finally felt it was time to return to Thailand. Through conversations with the Mid-Term Director, Karina was introduced to an opportunity to teach English to High School students. So in September, Karina will join other Brook Hills Missionaries in Thailand and begin freely using the Bible and stories of the Old Testament and New to teach English in local High Schools. When asked about what she is most excited about Karina shares, “It’s exciting to know that I will be living in a country that I have been praying for since 2008. It’s exciting to hear about all the Lord is doing in Thailand, and to know that I will soon be there joining in this work”. Karina will be serving for two years and will be living in a local village where she can engage not only her students but other locals with the gospel.

Karina enjoys reading, going on walks, watching movies, investing in people, and experiencing other cultures.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for Karina and her team to be unified in Christ.

- Pray for God to make Karina bold to share the gospel.

- Pray for God to make Karina wise as she leads and teaches in her classroom.


SARAH T. grew up in Alabama and is currently a registered nurse at a local Birmingham hospital. Sarah has been a member at The Church at Brook Hills since 2009 and has been encouraged by this faith family. Sarah started thinking about going as a Mid-Termer last summer after the Lord showed His faithfulness during a difficult time. Even though Sarah’s original life plans had fallen through she knew she needed to be obedient to God’s call to serve overseas. This process has been exciting and the Lord has worked it out beautifully and has given her a peace and confidence that he is working out His will during this season of her life. Sarah will go to Oaxaca, Mexico and work alongside 2 Long-Term Missionary families who are serving there. She and her team will have the privilege to train nationals in basic healthcare education so they then can go out and provide care in their villages where access to healthcare is unavailable. With Sarah’s background in nursing this fits right up her alley. The ultimate goal is that these healthcare providers will then be able to share the gospel with those that are coming for care. Bottom line Sarah is going to be a Mid-Termer because God is worthy of the praise and obedience of all peoples including the peoples of Mexico.

Sarah enjoys running, chocolate, game nights, dancing, crafts, Spanish, and quality time with friends and family.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for Sarah’s team to be unified in Christ and to proclaim the His name as they preach and heal in the communities they are serving in.

- Pray for Sarah to be intentional in building relationships and bold in sharing the gospel.

- Pray for Sarah’s personal growth in the Lord and for ease in learning the language so she can effectively communicate with those she meets.