Written by Lee Karcher

I LOVE being a mom! Especially now that these beauties are grown and the pressure to ‘mother’ them is gone. Transition to the Friendship Zone has been hard, not gonna lie, but it has also been FUN! They have been so patient with me as I learn to take my hands off the wheel and trust them to drive 100% without me. Thanks girls! 

As I go through the Mom Set Free study with my Tuesday Mom Time group, I am learning some deep truths that I wish I had rooted 22 years ago. If you are still knee-deep in your “mothering,” think about these truths that were shared with us by Jeannie Cunnion in her 2017 Bible Study titled Mom Set Free: Good News for Moms Who Are Tired of Trying to Be Good Enough:

1. God has called you to be an influencer and nurturer, not a controller and an all-knower, in your children’s lives.

2. God grows us in holiness through the hardships of motherhood.

3. We can shepherd our children’s hearts, but we are powerless to transform them.

4. We can (and must) faithfully share the gospel (in word and deed) with our kids, but the Father must draw our children to His heart. We can’t push and plead them there. Rather, He pursues them and woos them to Himself, and the Holy Spirit opens eyes to see and ears to hear Him.

5. The happiness or ease that we want for our children is rarely the path to perseverance, character, and ultimately hope-hope anchored in how very much we can trust that God loves us and is for us, even in our suffering.

6. Our children need us to be prayer warriors before they need us to be problem-solvers. 

7. Seeking to raise children who love the Lord with all of their hearts, souls, and minds is our highest calling as parents. 

8. If we try to raise kids who love God by only giving them the Commandments of God and telling them they should love God, then we’ll more likely raise rule-followers than God-lovers. We’ll more likely raise kids who flea the faith, because rules don’t breed gratitude and melt our hearts. Love does.

9. The gospel is the good news that Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection has secured God’s eternal and unwavering love for us, acceptance of us, delight in us, and pleasure over us. We never have to fear our Father’s rejection. We can never out sin His grace. We can never lose his love. (See Eph 2:4-5) We have the great privilege and responsibility of impressing upon our kids this heart-melting, life-giving news.

10. Our ultimate goal should be to launch kids who have a big faith anchored in the big grace of God. Of all the things we can give our kids in this world, God has called us to give them Him above all else.

11. We need to allow God to do in us what we ultimately long for Him to do in our children - to melt our hearts with His love and mold us more and more into His image by the power of His Holy Spirit.

Which one speaks to YOUR heart the most? 

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