Today's post was written by Molly Werk, an 8th grader who is a BH member. This summer, Molly is going on a mission trip with our Student Ministry to Atlanta.

I love art. Since I was really young, I kept a giant “art box” where I stored my random creations. My parents always thought it was funny when my siblings made worms out of Play-Doh, and I would make a hobo bear wearing a floppy hat by a campfire eating a hotdog with mustard. My point is that God truly did bless me with a love and talent for art.

As I got older, I really started to look for ways to use my talents for the glory of God. It wasn’t easy. There were times when I doubted if art would really make an impact in God’s kingdom. I knew I did not want to just paint portraits of Jesus. I wanted to actually invest in people’s lives.

Then, my sister-in-law introduced me to henna. Henna is dye that is used to make beautiful drawings on people’s hands and feet. The cool thing that my sister-in-law showed me was that henna could be used to share stories about God.

I jumped right in learning. I practiced with icing on a tracing of my hand. I also practiced telling the stories that the designs represented. God brought many opportunities through henna. The most common thing that came up was, “I like your tattoo” or “Is that a real tattoo?”

This gave me several chances to talk about what henna is and about how they represented Jesus and who He is. All types of people love henna. Henna is very popular in the East, but I have had opportunities to share Christ through henna with people from Africa and America.

My friends and I are going to Atlanta, GA, on a mission trip this summer. In preparation for our trip, we have been meeting together to practice telling the stories and making the drawings with henna. I am confident that only because of a unique and creative God am I able to share the gospel through henna. Although I doubted that God could use my talents for His glory, He did. He is doing far more than I could have imagined. Something that God has shown me is that He can use our talents to further His Kingdom in ways that we might not expect.

If you would like to learn more about how you can share the gospel using henna, click here.