Have you ever picked up a book with a weird title, funky looking cover, and wondered, "Now, what is all the hoopla I’m hearing about this book?"

Well, that was me when I started reading Sophie Hudson’s latest journey of humorous storytelling and subtle yet truthful challenge in Giddy Up, Eunice.

Sophie has a gift of blending Southern culture, quirky family stories, and God’s Word in a Mary Poppins "spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" kind of way.

Well, that “sugar” will have you engaged to better understand the “medicine” that all women need for their souls…godly friendships with other women.

Sophie takes the familiar stories of women in the Bible like Ruth and Naomi, Mary and Elizabeth, and Lois and Eunice and relates them to today’s challenges with some humorous sub-titles thrown in such as:

  • When Your Mother-in-Law is Your Ride or Die
  • We May Have to Walk Uphill Together, but at Least It's Good for Our Calves
  • I Do Not Understand You and Your Tricky Side Buns

See what I mean…

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the word "mentoring," STOP and read Sophie’s book for a relaxed, fun, and creative new way to see the value of relationships in your life!

Giddy up, friend!

Come hear Sophie share more about her story and her book at the BH Women Authors' Night on Thursday, November 10, at 7pm in the Student Building.