“I don’t feel close to God.”

“Stuck. I feel stuck in my relationship with God. There’s no momentum or excitement. It’s just kind-of monotonous, like I’m on autopilot.”

Ever felt like this? Maybe this is how you feel coming off the holidays. And let’s be real, time alone with God can be challenging to make happen with family and all of the Christmas stuff that goes on during Christmas break (then getting kids back in the school routine in January). Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my family and going home for Christmas, but I feel like my schedule is completely hijacked. My time is not my own - I’m on family time. And I have to think through when I am going to spend time with God each day that I’m home. Most of the time it happens. But sometimes, it doesn’t. Sometimes I leave the holidays feeling spiritual refreshed, and other times, I feel empty and in need of a spiritual retreat in order to recover.

So now that we've come off the holidays and have (hopefully) gotten back into a routine this month, where are you with God right now?

Do a quick relationship check. Are you growing? Or are you stale? Have you spoken to Him today, or has it been a few days (weeks)? Or maybe the talking/praying part has been fine, but spending time in the Word - now, that’s a different story!

So what’s the relational analysis?

I’m not asking this to guilt you. To grow and to change means starting with an honest analysis of your current situation.

Over the next couple of weeks on our BH Women blog, we will be looking at various spiritual disciplines in this blog series called Deeper with Discipline. So if you want more - if you’re not happy with the status quo in your relationship with God - join us!

In the meantime, what’s one small step you can take to grow your relationship with God this week?

Got that in step in mind? Now, consider:

  • When will you do this?
  • Where will you do it?
  • How will you do it?

Imagine a tall staircase. Odds are, you wouldn’t stand at the bottom and try to jump all the way to the top of it. Most likely, you would take the staircase one step at a time.

Translate that to your relationship with God. We see or read spiritual giants like Elisabeth Elliot or Beth Moore and question how we could ever get to where they are. We want it, but we’re not them. To be where they are seems improbable for us.

But instead of thinking about the “top” of the staircase, think about your next step. What’s that one thing you can do this week to invest in your relationship with God?

That’s how you grow: one step at a time.