Today's post was written by Dawn Stephens, Brook Hills' Women's Minister.

I was blessed and encouraged to read The Legacy Path by Brian Haynes. This is an easily read book that guides parents in how to disciple their children and leave a spiritual legacy.

Haynes defines the legacy path as “an intentional way to lead the next generation to faith in Jesus in the way trodden by others.” He lays out the biblical foundation for parenting as well teaches what is God’s role and our role in this process.

I love this quote from the book, “Our job is to get our kids to hold hands with Him. I will mess up some days. He never will.”

Haynes teaches us as parents the foundation we should work toward creating in both our personal spiritual lives and our marriages. “When we love our spouses biblically we give our children security, stability, and important insight into how he or she should approach relationships and family in the years to come.”

He gives practical ways we as parents can interact with our children in order to open doors for conversations about the gospel and Christ, and he further walks us through the stages of our children’s physical and emotional development, teaching how we can interject our faith at these critical milestones as well.

I would highly recommend this book to all parents, especially those with children ages 4-12, or for parents who become believers and want to start teaching their children God’s truth even if they are older adolescents.