Today's post was written by Jamie Klemashevich. Hailing from the great state of Texas, Jamie works with student ministry at the church and is passionate about equipping the church, seeing believers mature in their faith, and walking alongside women to pursue Christ.

In Kay Arthur’s Return To The Garden study, she focuses on sexuality: what God intended it to be, how man has fallen from that, and the beauty of the sexual relationship as God designed it. Arthur addresses sexuality through the lens of the Scriptures and applies the Scriptures to interpret what we see in contemporary culture.

She takes you through five days of lessons on each facet of sexuality in the workbook including: what God originally intended, the value of virginity, and the gift of sex within the marriage relationship. The videos associated with this study take what you studied the previous week and provide material for discussion and application.

The study is valuable not only to study sexuality, but to learn to study Scripture as well. Arthur is an experienced teacher of the Word. She encourages participants to use tools to interpret the Scriptures accurately, which can be applied to personal study of the Word.

The study can prove encouraging to women, both single and married, by showing a beautiful picture of the gift of sex as our loving and all-knowing Creator designed it.