What have been the ten most read blog posts on BH Women in 2014? Drumroll, please!

10. "Bobblehead Believers"
9. "Cookies for the Nations" by Molly McGuire
8. "Lessons Learned in Hospitality" by Heather Platt
7. "Women Should Be Silent? Is that Really What Paul is Saying?"
6. "BH Kids Worship CD"
5. "Adoption and God's Sovereignty" by Jenny Riddle
4. "Community in the Midst of Crisis" by Linda Hall
3. "DP-Day Plus One"
2. "Self or Surrender?" by April Allen
1. "Chat with Priscilla Shirer on 50 Shades of Grey"

Thank you for following and contributing to the BH Women Blog in 2014. We look forward to more posts in 2015!

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