Every night my son, Haven, asks, “Daddy, will you tell me a story from your trip?”

Now, I’ve been on a number of trips, and I have lots of stories. However, Haven’s only interested in one. He wants to hear about Batu Caves, which I visited on my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over six months ago, and that story, told almost every night, goes something like this.

When I went to Malaysia, one morning we woke up, and we rode the train all the way outside of the city, to the very end of the track, where it stopped at a place called Batu Caves.

Now, at Batu Caves there are a whole bunch of caves, but there is one giant statue. Behind that statue, there are lots and lots stairs, and at the top of those stairs is a really big cave.

Then, if you walk down some steps inside that cave and up some steps into another part of that cave, thee live some monkeys. But these aren’t just any monkeys. No. These are tricky monkeys. So, if you have a treat or something else to eat, those tricky monkeys will sneak up behind you and snatch up your treat. Then, they’ll run away and climb up high where you can’t get them, and they’ll eat your treat all up. And you will be sad.

So, whenever you go to Batu Caves, you have to watch out for those sneaky, tricky monkeys.

I wish I could then get a glimpse inside Haven’s head as he drifts off to sleep dreaming of grand adventures in a vast network of caves assisted by a giant statue as he battles an army of treat-stealing monkeys. He’s so taken with it that I know, to him, it must seem like a magical place.



Lee Sullens serves as our College Minister where he is a part of mobilizing students to spend time studying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of our Global Cities Initiative in addition to other parts of the world. For more info visit our Global Cities page.