January 1 begins year two of our church's journey through a two-year Bible Reading Plan and a sermon series called For the Love of God. This year, we'll re-read the New Testament and Psalms (in a different order than last year), and we'll finish the Old Testament (Ezra-Malachi). To download the 2015 Bible Reading Plan, click here. You can also keep up with the daily readings via our church's mobile app.

Why is it important to follow the Bible Reading Plan? Our sermons are based on the weekly readings. Most Small Group discussions follow the sermons and the Bible reading. Plus, it builds unity and continuity for our faith family.

But what if I struggle with keeping up? If you're like me, you faced some challenges in trying to keep up with the Bible Reading Plan in 2014. I'm a slow mover when it comes to studying Scripture, so two chapters a day is not my preferred method of study. Did I get behind sometimes (or most of the time)? Yes. Did it annoy my Type A, perfectionist self that I could not catch up on all of the readings that I missed? Yes! But don't let missing a day or getting behind keep you from opening God's Word. Reality check - you're probably not going to do this perfectly. Find a method that works for you, but dig into Scripture. If you have questions about how to study the Bible, this Guide to Personal Worship is extremely helpful and will get you started.

What if I need help understanding what I'm reading each day? Insert the Superman theme song here because we have two resources that can assist you in this.

  • The first is volume two of For the Love of God by D.A. Carson. He specifically wrote this devotional to follow the M'Cheyne Bible Calendar, which is the reading plan our church is using, and each day's reading is accompanied with a one page devotional to aid in reflection on the passage. Copies of this book are available at the BrookStore for $13, or you can download the pdf for free from this site.
  • We also write commentary for each week's reading that is included in both our Small Group Guide and our Faith Family Worship Guide (use this resource to talk with your preschoolers, kids, and teens about the weekly readings). You can download the Small Group Guide by clicking on the link associated with each sermon at this site, and the Faith Family Worship Guide can be downloaded from the Weekly Resources portion of the church website.

There are always going to be reasons for why we can't or shouldn't do something, but if growing in our relationship with God is truly important to us, then we will make time to open His Word and hear from Him. We make time for what we want to make time for. So whether or not you perfectly observe the Bible Reading Plan, will you make time for God in 2015? If so, what's your game plan? How will you spend time with Him? Where will you do it? When will you do it? What do you need to get started? Let this be a year of growth where you close the year at a deeper place with God than when you started.