In our Worship Gatherings Sunday, April 14, 2019 Pastor Matt announced an exciting new initiative called Roots & Reach we’ll be launching when construction on our campus development project begins this summer.


This new giving effort will help us not only deepen our roots through ministry here but also extend our reach through mission projects here in our city and around the world.

Just a few weeks ago we studied Hebrews 11 together to see how we pursue faith which leads us to risk intentionally.


In preparing for that sermon, Pastor Matt and other key leaders began wondering, “are we believing big enough? Or, in our effort to wisely steward what God has given us and is leading us to do, have we actually been boxing Him in?” In other words, have we limited our pursuit of faith to minimize our risk?

Our Pastoral Staff Team and Elder Council began to prayerfully discuss how we might do something more missionally aggressive, something that would help us connect this ROOTS ministry investment with our REACH in the world.

So, we’re going to pull together a team of people to explore our options and identify a number of special mission projects, both here in our city and around the world, that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish through our regular ministry budget or Global Offering. We’ll line those projects up, assign the costs to them, and through our Roots & Reach Initiative, begin to mark them off our list as we also raise funds to accomplish our campus development plan.

We’ll do this by taking a tiered approach:


$0-1,000,000 80/20 $800,000 $200,000
$1,000,001-2,000,000 80/20 $800,000 $200,000
$2,000,001-3,000,000 70/30 $700,000 $300,000
Total at $3,000,000   $2,300,000 $700,000
$3,000,001-4,000,000 60/40 $600,000 $400,000
$4,000,001-5,000,000 50/50 $500,000 $500,000
Total at $5,000,000   $3,400,000 $1,600,000
  • For the first million we raise, 20% ($200,000) will go to these mission projects.
  • Same thing for the second million, 20% ($200,000).
  • But then for the third million, 30% ($300,000) will fund mission projects.
  • For the 4th million, 40% ($400,000).
  • And, prayerfully, if the Lord opens our heart and our treasure toward this, the 5th million will lead us to give 50% ($500,000) to special mission projects.

So, practically, if we raise $3 million through this Roots & Reach Initiative, $2.3 million will be invested in our campus development. The other $700,000 will help us accomplish mission projects we never would have been able to tackle otherwise. However, if the Lord leads us as a faith family to give $5 million, then those numbers increase to $3.4 million for campus development and $1.6 million for special mission projects.

While we plan to have an official launch of this initiative and provide details in the days ahead about what these projects will be and how you can be involved, we are currently prepared to begin receiving any gifts toward this initiative. Please, join us in praying for God to use this initiative to which we believe He has led us to deepen our roots and extend our reach, for our good and His glory.