Our goal as Legacy Adults is to come together to build community, so we can strengthen the body of Christ as we grow together in Him.
Each quarter, we love to gather for a meal and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Our next Legacy Adult Lunch is Thursday, May 10, 11:30am-1:00pm, at The Bright Star.

Leave Brook Hills @ 10:30am, Return around 1:30pm. Sign up and make carpool arrangements with your Small Group.

If meeting us there at 11:15, please call Aubrey at (205) 313-7733 so that we will have a total number attending.

Order individually from the Menu. Individual tickets. 
See the menu at 
TheBrightStar.com/menu/. $$$

We also have Small Groups available for you to join, so you can connect other Legacy Adults and study the Bible together. Find out more about Legacy Adult Small Groups here!

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