The Story: God Saves a Jailer
Our story comes from Acts 16:16-34

At Home

  • What are jails for? (People that break laws are locked up in jail. They couldn’t get out unless the person with the keys (the jailer) unlocks the doors and lets them out.

  • Is jail a fun place to be? Do you think Paul and Silas were feeling pretty good, after having been beaten and now sitting in jail with their feet in the stocks (describe what the stocks are)?

  • It’s no fun being in jail, but there is something worse than being a prisoner in jail. Not knowing Jesus is worse. Jesus came to save us from our sins. Our sins can be like a jail keeping us captive, and only Jesus can unlock the prison doors and set us free. Paul and Silas knew Jesus. No matter what other people did to hurt them, Jesus could not be taken away from them. Jesus could not be taken away from them. That’s why they could sing praise to God even after being beaten and locked up in jail.

  • The jailer in this story had the keys to the jail that Paul and Silas were in, but he found out that he was in a far worse jail than Paul and Silas – the prison of sin. But he believed in Jesus, and Jesus set him free.

  • Do you want to be free from sin, like Paul and Silas and the jailer?

  • Pray: Praise God that He died on the cross so that you can be free.

* Credit: He Has Spoken By His Word Parent and Child Resource Page by Children Desiring God