The Story: Jesus, the Bread of Life, Provides Bread for Five Thousand

Our story comes from Mark 6:34-44, John 6:1-14, 22-35

At Home

  • Take out the peanut butter sandwich and an apple, or some similar simple lunch. Ask: If you brought your lunch – a peanut butter sandwich and an apple – to ___ (the church, a baseball stadium, some large place) where there were lots and lots of people, thousands of people, and tried to feed all the people there will your lunch, could you do it?
  • How about if you shared that lunch with only 100 people? Would they get enough to eat? How about if you shared it with 10 people? Would they get enough to eat? Would there be anything left over?
  • ​Jesus took one person’s lunch and made it enough for 5,000 people! That’s many more people than can even fit into our church building – we would need maybe 2 buildings that big to fit that many people! (or use some other example to get across the point that 5,000 people is a huge number of people.) Jesus is very powerful, isn’t He?
  • ​But Jesus said there was something even better than feeding all those people. He said He Himself was bread from heaven, and those who believe in Him will live forever. Do you want to live forever – with Jesus? 


  • Thank God for the miracles that He performed through Jesus. 

* Credit: He Has Spoken By His Word Parent and Child Resource Page by Children Desiring God