The Story: God sends Phillip to Guide an Ethiopian

Our story comes from Acts 8:26-40

At Home

  • The stories we read in the Old Testament (the part of the Bible that is about the time before Jesus) show us that the Lord chose the people of Israel to be His people. The people of Israel (Jews) were descendants of Abraham.

    Jesus was an Israelite-a Jew. He suffered and died to save His people from sin (see Matthew 1:21). Did Jesus only come to save Jews? Are the descendants of Abraham the only people who are the Lord’s people?

  • Where was the man that Philip talked to from? Israel? No, he was from Ethiopia. But God chose this man from Ethiopia to be one of His people.

  • (Read or paraphrase Luke 2:10,30-32.) Jesus came to save His people from sin – not Jews only, but all who believe in Jesus and trust Him to save them from their sins.

  • Pray: Do you want to believe in Jesus and be one of God’s people.

* Credit: He Has Spoken By His Word Parent and Child Resource Page by Children Desiring God