Now is the perfect time to join a new or relaunching group. Sometimes, it's easier to find your place when almost everyone is forming new relationships. Please contact the group leader by clicking "more info" beside groups you may be interested in.

Off-Campus Groups

Homewood Beginning Families with Children- The JohnMark and Ashley Edwards leed a new group that meets on Sunday's at 5pm. More info. 

 Brook Highland Young Couples & Beginning Families – Sunday nights at 6pm, led by Doug and Rebecca Hance. More info.

Oak Mountain Beginning Families & Elementary Parent(s) – Wednesdays at 6pm, led by Richard and Tara Baxter. More info.

Gardendale Beginning Families/Multi-Generational – Tuesdays at 6pm, led by Austin and Lacey Smith. More info.

Homewood Beginning Familes/Multi-Generational -- Tuesday at 6:30pm, led by Caleb and Sara Bagwell. More info

Bluff Park/Hoover Young Couples - Brian and Elizabeth Parks lead a new group for Young Couples. They meet on Tuesday's at 7:00pm. More info.

Harpersville – (We are currently only surveying interest.) Click this link to let us know you are interested.

On-Campus Groups

Small Group for Beginning Families with Preschoolers - Sunday mornings at 11:00am in M2A, led by the Whitehead, Riggins and Parker couples. More info.  

Small Group for Parents of Elementary Schoolers – 11am on Sundays, led by Alan and Melissa Chappell. More info

Elementary Parent(s) – Wednesday at 6:30pm, led by Dale and Courtney Kendrick and Chris and Erin Robbins. More info

For off-campus groups, follow the link and email the leader for meeting info and location. For on-campus groups, feel free to drop in anytime to visit. Room numbers preceded by an "M" are our modular located buildings alongside the parking lot near the lobby and Worship Room entryway. You are, of course, welcome to try different groups to find a place that feels like home.


To see more existing groups, please visit our Group-Finder.