What is Mid-Term Missions?

Mid-Term Mission is for people who are willing to spend a summer, a semester, a year or two sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context. Mid-Term is an assignment of 2 months - 2 years and is beneficial for those who are seeking to discern the calling God has placed on their lives. Click HERE for more information on frequently asked questions about Mid-Term.

Mid-Term Requirements

  1. Christ-follower
  2. Term of 2 months – 2 years
  3. Member of The Church at Brook Hills for at least 6 months
  4. Meets deacon expectations (1 Timothy 3:8-13)
  5. Recommended by the Global Disciple-Making Team
  6. Completion of the Mid-Term Training

The Mid-Term Process

Step 1 - Contact

Email our Director of Mid-Term Mission, Andrew W., to let him know you are interested in going Mid-Term. Andrew in turn will set-up a time to meet and get to know you. In that meeting you will have an opportunity to share what God is calling you to, and any opportunities you may have to serve. You will also have the chance to hear how Brook Hills sends Mid-Termers and the process for being equipped and sent out.

Step 2 - Application

You can find the link to the Brook Hills Mid-Term Mission Application by clicking HERE. Please do not begin filling out or submit a Mid-Term Mission Application without being prompted to do so by a member of the Brook Hills Global Disciple-Making Staff. Please answer all questions completely and follow all directions on the online form. Once your application has been submitted, the Global Offering Team will review your application, and you will be notified you about whether or not your application has been accepted and also whether or not you qualify for and have received financial assistance through the Brook Hills Global Offering. Currently we have many opportunities with partners around the world. Contact us to find out more about the specific details in:

- South Asia
- Southeast Asia
- East Asia
- Central Asiaa
- North Africa
- Middle East
- Sub-Saharan Africa
- South America

Step 3 - Support

Financial: Brook Hills Mid-Termers are expected to raise the majority of their financial support. For help writing support letters click HERE. As you begin raising financial support, here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you mention in your support letters that all checks need to be mailed directly to you.
  • All checks should be made out to "The Church at Brook Hills" and in the memo line have your supports write: Appealed by: your name/trip region/trip dates.
  • All checks need to be turned in to Liz at the Global kiosk in the lobby on Sundays, to the receptionist on the second floor at The Church at Brook Hills on Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm, or by mail at the following address:
  • The Church at Brook Hills Attn: Liz W. 3145 Brook Highland Parkway Birmingham, AL 35242
  • There are three payment deadlines for your trip that must be met. Actual deadline dates depend on the dates of your trip.
    • Deadline #1: 50% Cost of Trip (90 Days before trip departure)
    • Deadline #2: 25% Cost of Trip (60 Days before trip departure)
    • Deadline #3: 25% Cost of Trip (30 Days before trip departure)

Partnership: Begin speaking with different small groups at The Church at Brook Hills and make sure that you have at least 2-3 small groups partnered with you as you go. Contact Callie for more information.

Step 3 - Training

All Mid-Term participants will be required to undergo training that will be hosted at The Church at Brook Hills close to the departure date of your trip. This training will typically be in a one-week intensive format and will cover the following…

  • Topics of Study: The Gospel, The Biblical Mandate of Mission, Global Realities, The Church, The History of Missions, Introduction to World Religions, Specific Religion Break Outs, Culture, Contextualization, Disciple-Making Strategy, Church-Planting Strategy, Sharing the Gospel Cross-Culturally, Spiritual Warfare/Persecution
  • Practical Preparation: Immunizations, Security, Finances, Logistics, Cross-Cultural Living, Teaming & Expectations, Learning language, Partnership, Relating to Field Supervisors
  • Spiritual Preparation: Worship, Concentrated Prayer, Q & A Sessions with Brook Hills Staff, Elders, and Former Missionaries, Gospel Sowing Opportunities, Personal Discipleship

To view a list of the resources recommended by the Global Disciple-Making Team please click HERE.

Step 5 - Going

Once you depart to your field of service you will be responsible for keeping regular contact with the small groups that are partnering with you and also with the Global Disciple-Making Team. Upon your arrival home you will take part in a debriefing meeting to share about your experience and prepare you for further ministry.