Deanna N.

Deanna was sent out by The Church at Brook Hills this Fall (2015) to serve Mid-Term for 10 months in Haiti.  Deanna recently retired from a long career in the education field.  She has the privilege to use her time to serve as a teacher in a local school in Haiti providing support for missionary families who are serving there Long-Term. 


- Praise God for leading Deanna to spend her retirement serving in this capacity.  Pray for God to use Deanna to strengthen the long-term teams serving in Haiti.

- Life in Haiti can be challenging.  Pray for Deanna as she adjusts to her new surroundings and gets used to a new normal in her life and work.

- Pray for Deanna's students to be successful under her guidance.  Pray for God to give Deanna many opportunities to serve and encourage her students in Christ.