Welcome to Local Disciple-making! Our mission is to equip and mobilize the church to effectively make disciples locally and ultimately globally. We at Brook Hills believe that small groups provide the best avenue to make disciples so we seek to connect every worship attendee to a small group community. We desire for all small groups to actively seek to Share the Word, Show the Word, Teach the Word, and Serve the World together. We also seek to help equip parents to do the same with the children that God has entrusted to them to disciple and develop into disciple-makers.

Teaching on Local Disciple-Making

Connect, Small Groups, & Serve the World

  • Connect

    We believe that disciple-making is primarily accomplished through longer term relationships, not short term classes, so our goal is to connect every attendee to an on-going small group where they can experience spiritual community, life transformation, and intentionally join others in making disciples locally and globally. Each area in the Local Disciple-making section of the website has a “Connect” button which will guide you into the process of getting connected to a small group in that age ministry.

  • Small Groups

    We believe the method of Jesus and the method of the early church was to make disciples in the context of a small group of people intentionally experiencing life together. We believe that model is still the best model for the 21st Century. We believe that as small groups Show the Word and Teach the Word to one another, and intentionally Share the Word and Serve the World together, Christ will form His character in them and extend His ministry through them. We ask all of our adult small groups to intentionally seek to develop a plan to make disciples locally and globally and to multiply their group within two years in order to multiply our effectiveness of making disciples around the world.

    Middle school and high school students, college age students, and adults have options of meeting in a small group on-campus or off-campus. Each area in the Local Disciple-making section of the website has a “Small Groups” button which will provide you with more information about small group opportunities for that age group.

  • Serve the World

    Just as Jesus went into the world and sent His disciples into the world to make disciples, we ask all small groups to develop an intentional plan to relationally engage the culture with the gospel both locally and globally. Every adult small group is asked to seek out a place locally where they can at least monthly serve others in need with the love of Christ in order to relationally make disciples together. We also encourage each small group to do the same globally, outside the greater Birmingham area, at least annually. Some groups combine their efforts together for both local and global outreach.

    A list of local partners with whom we encourage small groups to consider partnering is located in the “Adult” section under the “Serve the World” button. Additional information on how each age group is seeking to “Serve the World” is located in their area under the “Serve the World” button. Parents can even find ideas on how as a family you can “Serve the World” together in Jesus’ name.