Human Trafficking Awareness Night

This month, as part of a nationwide effort, we are raising awareness on the issue of human trafficking and discussing how the church should be involved both locally and globally in pushing back against the injustice.

Join us for a special presentation by Blanket Fort Hope related to the issue of human trafficking of minors in the Greater Birmingham Area:

  • How Big is Human Trafficking in Alabama?
  • How is Human Trafficking Affecting You, Shelby County, and Our Nation?
  • What are the Signs of Human Trafficking? 
  • How Does a Child Get Mixed up in Human Trafficking?
  • What is the Blanket Fort Hope Crisis Center?
  • How Can I Foster Child Trafficking Victims?

Regular Wedneadsay night programming for preschool, children, and youth.

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  • Contact Person

    Hanna Taylor · 205-313-7701