We believe one of the best ways to accomplish the Great Commission is to send teams among people groups who remain unreached with the gospel, make disciples, gather those disciples into small groups, and begin teaching them to observe all that Christ commanded, within the context of Christian community. And since our Lord expects His followers to be fruit-bearing disciples in a local church, we believe that those small groups of new believers are to be led to unite together as a local church under the headship of Jesus and with their own pastors.

These unreached people groups can be found everywhere. They are not only located in their home countries, but also in North America, and even right here in Birmingham. Therefore, we work to multiply the church in each of these contexts.

In Birmingham

Engage Teams

Our engage teams consist of Brook Hills members intentionally focused on making disciples among particular unreached people groups in our city. 

For information about unreached people groups around the world and in our city, visit the links below.

Across North America

Church Planting Teams

We equip, commission, and partner with individuals and families to serve among unreached people groups who have moved here to the United States and Canada. For information about our current church planting teams, visit the links below.

Throughout The World

We desire to see churches multiplied around the world as well as in North America and our own backyard. This desire, in obedience to the Great Commission, drives us in strategically sending church planting teams to work among unreached peoples to engage them with the gospel.

Recently Planted Churches

We have also periodically trained and equipped in the past for the purpose of planting churches through more traditional avenues. We continue to be excited about the ongoing work of God in the lives of these congregations. Learn about these churches at the following links.