We are one of the BH small groups in the Women's Bible Study on Wednesday mornings who meets from 9:30 a.m. to noon on the 3rd floor of the church. Last week, we went to Oliver Elementary School, for our small group "Serve Day" where we had the privilege of serving the teachers and staff at Oliver Elementary School a taco buffet lunch. We had all the fixin's for a taco bar with shredded chicken & taco meat...taco salad, soft tacos, a cake, beverages, along with a "goodie bag" that had various candies in it, with a note attached that said how much we appreciated them, and included a prayer, along with a vase of fresh flowers they could enjoy even after we left.

We had some opportunities to talk with some of the staff about The Church at Brook Hills and discuss where we are located, and we were blessed to be a blessing to them.