Today's post was written by Molly McGuire. Molly is a twentysomething member of Brook Hills who works at Samford University and uses her baking skills for the glory of God. To learn more about Molly's Nothin' But Crumbs business (and to see more pictures of her fabulous cookies), visit this site.

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After pursuing what I thought may become a career in baking, I soon realized I need to let my passions be my passions. I left managing a bakery and returned back to working full-time in a university setting, while allowing my passion for baking to unfold on the side. I began to realize I had a talent for baking and designing cookies that was hidden for close to 25 years of my life.

Baking and designing cookies for smaller family affairs then led to selling cookies for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and holidays. As more doors opened and the Lord was clearly leading me down this road, Nothin’ But Crumbs was officially established. With each cookie order taken and fulfilled, I found such a joy in seeing how people would celebrate, appreciate, thank, value, and encourage others. To play a small role in that process was such a delight.

As Nothin’ But Crumbs continued to unfold and publicity grew, I soon realized the Lord was allowing my talent to become HIS gift. In many ways, it’s hard for an entrepreneur to separate their identity from their business, and as believers we need to remember that WHO we are is always and only defined by WHOSE we are. Even with Nothin’ But Crumbs playing a huge role in my life and being easily identified as “the cookie girl,” I try to always be established as a child of God first and foremost.

As I continue to move forward in pursing the passion of baking, the Lord has clearly created a path for me to utilize my gifts for a purpose beyond myself. My vision moving forward is to pursue opportunities where I bake, design, and sell cookies for the purpose of proceeds going towards various ministries, mission trips, and charities. While I currently am not called to moving overseas, Christ does compel me to send and support brothers and sisters who are. Colossians 3:23 says “whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” With everything we do, big or small, if we give God the glory He deserves, more purpose is found in what we’re doing. As I once heard from Brook Hills, your greatest JOY is found in God’s greatest GLORY. May God continue to be given the glory He deserves through the talents and gifts He bestows on each of us.