The Church at Brook Hills was established on February 4, 1990. On that day, over forty people met together for the first time at what was then Southeastern Bible College but is currently Mountain Brook Community Church. There were refreshments, a nursery, small group Bible study for all age groups, worship, prayer, and a sermon. At the time of invitation at the closing of the gathering, everyone went forward and covenanted together as what was then known as Brook Hills Baptist Church.

Over the next few years we could often be heard saying phrases like, “Welcome to the house of friends;” “What we do we do together;” “God is honored in excellence;” “We throw ropes not rocks;” and, “We are different to make a difference.” These phrases and many more were our attempts to give words to the earnest desire God had planted so firmly in each of our hearts, to demonstrate and make His gospel known. God was faithful to help us do that as our faith family grew to include thousands.

Now, we most clearly express this desire in our Vision, Mission, Goal Statement: We glorify God by making disciples of all nations. The church has many ministries working together to see this fulfilled, and strives to not only care for its members well but to also share, show, and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ through serving the world both locally and globally.

You’re welcome here. Come and go with us.